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More success with the red dot

Aimpoint is the recognized global market leader and developer of red dot technology for perception. After more than forty years of working closely with experts in military weapon systems, experienced hunters and snipers around the world, we have developed a product that gives the best shot results with moving targets: the Aimpoint red dot sights.

Unparalleled performance

On rough terrain, in bad weather, poor light and tension even the most experienced hunter is put to the test. Tests have shown that the single reticulum with the red dot is the quickest on the target and thus ensures the highest chance of a hit with moving targets. With Aimpoint you never have to worry about centering the point in the visor. As soon as you see the dot on your target, you are ready to shoot. Aimpoint red dot sights give you more confidence and allow you to shoot with both eyes at the target. Whether you have a rifle, shotgun, pistol, rifle or bow, Aimpoint has the perfect view for you. Whether you're hunting deer, elk or bears, our red dot system delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

Three variants

The Aimpoint Red Dot is available in three variants. The Aimpoint 9000L is mainly designed for standard or magnum-length rifles and can handle the most extreme hunting conditions. The Aimpoint 9000SC provides a medium-length field of vision and is designed primarily for use with shorter weapons, semi-automatic firearms and magnum pistols. The Aimpoint 9000SC-NV gives a range of vision of medium length. It is primarily designed for use with shorter weapons, semi-automatic firearms and magnum pistols. This product is compatible with night vision devices and is widely sold to countries where hunting with night vision equipment is permitted.