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Bear & Son has a rich family tradition in making knives. We work with experienced personnel who are able to perform many of the extra hand operations required to make our products. The Bear & Son cutlery factory is unique. It is completely self-contained. Although some companies only assemble parts from different suppliers and put their name on the product, we do everything in-house. From building our own moulds to heat treatment, grinding and assembly and finishing our products by hand. All these steps ensure that Bear & Son knives are of excellent quality and of great value to both the dealer and the consumer.


We offer a wide range of products in many price ranges, because we want everyone to be able to afford the products we are so proud of. Our knives are made of different types of steel. For example 440 high carbon stainless steel. This is made based on our own formula or High Definition Damascus Steel. This steel grade consists of 416 layers of medium and high carbon steel, with added nickel. It is flexible and even though the blade is razor sharp, it does not feel so.

Hunting knives

Bear & Son has several good quality hunting knives in its assortment such as the Trophy Hunter Knife, the Rosewood Caper Hunting Knife. They also offer various knives with an angled blade for slaughter and grazing. These knives have a very reasonable price/quality ratio.