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Complete hunting equipment from one source

We have been developing and manufacturing innovative hunting weapons with the highest quality standards at Blaser in Isny im Allgau (Austria) for more than sixty years. As active hunters, we get ideas for new developments and product innovations directly from the hunting practice. Our focus is exclusively on the practical advantages for the hunt.  Blaser started out as a gunsmith. This is still the heart of the company, but we also supply first-class hunting equipment today. Requirements that you as a hunter are satisfied with and whose components are perfectly matched to each other. This applies to optical hunting gear as well as to our ammunition, accessories and functional hunting gear.

The Blaser principle

Hunting is one of humanity's oldest passions. However, we hunters must constantly prepare ourselves for new challenges. This is only possible through innovation and people who profess that innovation with passion. As a leading innovator, Blaser has become the driving force in the international hunt arms industry. Fifty years of experience in this market is at the basis of many innovative and practical technological innovations that Blaser has implemented. However, we never lose sight of our tradition and ethical obligation. That could be called the Blaser principle.


Our employees are largely passionate and enthusiastic hunters, but they all have a wide range of talents at their disposal. At Blaser, this versatile mix of personalities and skills is linked to our ambition to work together to produce a high-quality product and provide good service. We regard this as the greatest condition for our success. We strive for excellence at every stage of design and production. But true perfection only comes about thanks to real passion. It is ultimately that passion that gives our weapons their character.

Values and culture

Continuous high quality, reliability and durability. These are important core values for our company. Labour-intensive production on the latest computer-controlled machines forms the basis for minimal deviations and permanent accuracy when shooting. Whether it's hardened steel or precious walnut: all these parts are brought together and our experienced specialists create a unique and precious rifle. Every Blaser hunting weapon is an investment for generations, thanks to high-quality artistic precision work. Our highly qualified gunsmiths and engravers make each weapon a masterpiece that matches the personality and passion of the owner. At Blaser, innovation, contemporary technological expertise and traditional craftsmanship reach out to each other. This is how we enrich today's hunting culture. It is not for nothing that countless Blaser rifles have found their way into field practice.

Optimal lifespan

Besides guns, Blaser also supplies other products for the demanding hunter. From optical equipment to ammunition, from shooting glasses and vest to cartridge holder and hunting bag: the Blaser equipment was developed with practical knowledge. The solid quality products are designed to function optimally.