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Over the years, the Böker Messer factory has become a global leader in innovation and the largest manufacturer of sports knives, tool knives and collector knives in Europe. Böker's international success and long tradition are an incentive and an obligation to continue to design and manufacture high-quality and innovative knives in the future. With quality awareness, innovative strength and a great deal of attention to detail, Böker knife makers will continue their trade in the future.


The chestnut tree, which overshadowed the small hand tool factory of the Böker family in Remscheid in the 17th century, can be found in the coat of arms of the Böker family and in the company logo. The high-quality Böker tools have always been extremely successful and today they are among the leading products in Germany and neighbouring countries, from tactical tool knives to folding knives and outer knives: We offer pocket knives with the latest closing technology and modern designs also for price sensitive enthusiasts.

Tactical knives

Böker makes and designs many different types of knives. Like knives with a fixed blade that are often used by hunters. This knife is much more stable and robust than the knife of a pocket knife. These tactical knives are indispensable and representative tools for scouts, hunters, passionate outdoor enthusiasts, but also for aid workers.


Böker does not only sell knives of its own making, but also knives from renowned knife makers such as Muela from Spain. For 60 years, Muela has been one of Europe's leading manufacturers of classic hunting knives. The family business, founded in 1952 by Eladio Muela, is today run by his five children. Since its inception in the first small workshop, Muela has since developed into a high-tech manufacturer with an annual production of around 350,000 knives. But despite modern, computer-assisted production, manual labour is still very important today. Especially the extensive processing of Hirschhorn, a specialty of Muela, is not possible by machine. This requires years of experience from the experts who prepare and assemble knives and handles by hand. All production steps are carried out at Muela itself, even the production of the high-quality leather casings is done in-house.