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All you need

GECO is a brand name with tradition. Its history goes back to 1930. Then Gustav Genschow & Co introduced the first binoculars on the market. Also under the brand name GECO, which stands for Genschow % Co.  Today, GECO supplies binoculars and rifle scopes in the highest optical and mechanical quality at a unique and fair price. All our products are focused and tailored to the most important requirements for hunters, sport shooters and nature lovers, universally applicable and true to the motto "GECO - ALL YOU NEED".


GECO binoculars (observation optics) are divided into the classes GECO and GECO Gold. All GECO binoculars are in matt black and have a magnesium housing. While the GECO binoculars are available in 8x or 10x magnification with a lens diameter of 32 mm and 42 mm, the GECO Gold binoculars are also available in 8.5x, 10x and 12.5x magnification with a lens diameter of 50 mm.

High quality observation optics

The binoculars in the GECO line offer easy access to the world of high quality observation optics at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The slim and ergonomic design is combined with the use of high quality materials. The entire housing is made of magnesium. Thanks to ED glass, multi-layer coating and adapted optics calculation, they offer, among other things, a clear and large field of vision.  GECO binoculars are robust, low in weight and optical performance make them champions in their class. All products are equipped with a tripod connection and come with belt and case. For hunters GECO supplies binoculars in 8x and 10x magnification.

Premium class

GECO Gold is the premium class of GECO.  The design of HD glass optics combined with the most modern coating ensures optical excellence in transmission, field of view, depth of field, precise focusing and colour reproduction. Thanks to the hydrophobic GECOdrop coating, all optics are dirt- and water-repellent. The innovative microbridge offers high quality and highly ergonomic design. Magnesium housing, coated magnesium bridge and high-quality aluminium rotating eye cups ensure maximum robustness with minimal weight. The diopter setting is integrated in the central focus wheel. If you do not want to compromise on the quality of a pair of binoculars and are looking for an extremely good price-performance ratio, you will find it at GECO Gold.  All products are equipped with a tripod connection and come with shoulder strap, hard storage case and 10 year warranty. GECO is a private label of RUAG Ammotec and offers an extensive range of different types of optics. The optics have a remarkable price/quality ratio and are of exceptional quality.