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Innovative rifle scopes for demanding hunters

Hawke Sport Optics was founded more than 15 years ago in the UK and the company established its US headquarters in Indiana in 2007. Today Hawke is a global market leader and offers a wide range of high quality sports optics, from rifle scopes, crossbow and air pressure gun rifles to binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories such as laser rangefinders and red dot sights.

Hawke is a family business and headquartered in Suffolk, United Kingdom. The company grew rapidly to more than 60 countries, including branches in Indiana, USA in 2007. Hawke has proven its endurance and has become a major player in the global market for sports optics. Hawke is committed to providing customers with innovative products tailored to their specific needs. We do this in close cooperation with industry professionals to integrate creative features that offer users many benefits, excellent value for money and exemplary customer service.

Amazing field of view

The Endurance line of rifle scopes features our brand new wide-angle optical lens with a stunning field of vision to give you the best possible vision, while allowing the archer to maintain a good eye distance from the rifle scope. The Panorama rifle scopes offer a wider field of vision. The Vantage is a solid and simple, but functional rifle scope. There are no bells and whistles on it. Everything revolves around maximum functionality. Especially for long distances we have developed the Sidewinder. This series of rifle scopes delivers incredible performance and has many functions. A 30-mm mono-tube chassis provides a strong, stable platform for the optics, even when using heavy long-range calibers. The rifle scope is designed to be easy to use, allowing quick and easy adjustment of magnifications. The Sidewinder ED 10-50 × 60 is designed with patented interchangeable turrets and ED glass with extra low dispersion. Turrets are easy to install and are available in 1/4 MOA, 1/8 MOA and 1/10 MRAD. The Sidewinder 30 SF rifle scopes are all equipped with 1/4 MOA towers. The Sidewinder 30 SF family offers three different options for the reticle. The Sidewinder ED features the TMX reticle which is specially designed for ultra long distances.

Air pressure guns

Hawke is also the market leader in rifle scopes for air rifles. For example the Frontier. This rifle scope is designed to give sport shooters ultimate flexibility. The high quality lenses distinguish the Frontier from its rivals, providing exceptional clarity throughout the fields of view and a very sharp image transfer.  The well-known Airmax rifle scopes are also specially designed for air rifles. They are available in a 30 mm chassis. Each rifle scope is extensively tested by Hawk for both shock and moisture resistance. Each scope is thus resistant to extreme conditions.