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Professional observation with Kite Optics

Kite Optics is a Belgian family business that has been developing high-precision optical instruments for nature observation since 1992. We always strive for excellent optical performance and excellent mechanical qualities for our binoculars, telescopes and rifle scopes. Our passion is to combine all these features, but also to provide you with the best services and after-sales service. This is how Kite Optics makes the difference for you, not only in the field but also outside.

Strict quality controls

Kite Optics is located in Jabbeke, near the historic center of Bruges. From here we send our instruments to numerous professional institutes, universities, nature reserves and specialized stores in more than 20 countries. Production starts at our facility in Japan, after which the instruments come to Jabbeke for finishing and strict quality controls. Jabbeke also performs repair and maintenance work.

Family values

Kite Optics was founded in 1992 by Georges De Putter, born in a family of opticians in Bornem (Belgium). At a very young age he was already very interested in binoculars and telescopes in his father's optics shop. Georges himself is passionate about nature and bird observation when he works for his parents. He focuses on observation tools and discovers a high demand for affordable products without compromise on service and sustainability. This ultimately leads to the creation of Kite Optics, a brand that today still relies on Georges' original values.

Reliability and sustainability

Professional observation is the basis of the brand Kite Optics. In our view, binoculars or telescopes are much more than just a hobby instrument. It is a tool on which many scientists, foresters and guides depend daily. Optical performance is one thing, but we have understood from day one that mechanical precision, durability and service are at least as important. Through innovation and our commitment to features that are not even visible to the user at first glance, we can offer our customers an instrument that not only stands for excellent vision, but also for the best in reliability and durability.

Optical performance

Bringing nature closer to you in its true colours and contrasts is the essence of our work. At Kite Optics we strive to develop the best optical systems for different types of use and different budgets. Our best optical developments, such as those of the KPS HD telescopes, are among the top five of the best performing in the world. At the same time, we also want to make a difference with the Kite entry-level models, where, just like the top models, the qualities Kite Optics stands for are emphasised.

Unconditional companion

It is not a matter of luck or chance that our rifle scopes have the highest degree of light transmission, exceptional image performance and a high zoom factor. These rifle scopes combine the highest quality components with state-of-the-art production and assembly processes. As a result, our rifle scopes meet the highest quality requirements. Our parts fit perfectly together, because we process them to the nearest micrometer. And because they fit perfectly together, our viewers are so precise and durable.