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Laguiole is a mountain village in the heart of the Aubrac region in southern France. As early as the 19th century, pocket and table knives were made here for shepherds and farmers in the Aubrac region. Knives have been made here in the villages of this region since time immemorial. In the 80s of the 20th century a group of fans of this tradition started the brand Forge de Laguiole. Laguiole is a generic name for the model that originates from Laguiole. To this day, Forge de Laguiole is the only brand that is actually located in the village of Laguiole and that that title may bear. Yet there are many Laguiole knives in circulation that do not come from Laguiole at all. Often also for prices where you can not really Laguiole knife for buy.


Genuine Laguiole pocket and table knives are characterised by traditional craftsmanship. Each knife is handmade by one maker from beginning to end. A characteristic feature is the beautiful and fine file work on the back of the blade and the spring at the front of the handle. In addition, special and unique materials are often used for the handle of Laguiole knives. Think of buffalo horn, juniper wood and warthog tooth. They were even made of crocodile leather, coral, giraffe bone and monitor lizard. In the more exclusive models we also find the use of damask steel, silver and mammoth ivory.

No locking

Original Laguiole pocket knives in their original shape have no locking mechanism. They are equipped with a slipjoint-spring which makes them resistant to folding. At the same time, there is no stop pin to prevent the blade in the handle from folding back against the spring. It is therefore important to always carefully fold in a Laguiole pocket knife to prevent the cut from being damaged by hard-handed closing.


A Laguiole knife originally had a number of (silver) pins in the side of the handle that together represent a Christian cross. The story goes that the shepherds, when they were far from home in the mountains, could still pray to their own cross. Beautiful hunting knives are available in many kinds, with different materials.