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Exclusive rifle scopes from the USA

In 1947, after years of research, Marcus Leupold built the first real fogproof telescope in America. It was an ingenious idea. He let the air escape from the interior of the telescope and then filled it with pure nitrogen, which has the characteristic that it is not susceptible to large temperature fluctuations. For Leupold it turned out to be the beginning of a new era. An era in which Leupold excelled in weatherproof optical devices. The range of rifle scopes soon grew and one innovation after another, such as the duplex reticle, was applied. In 1993 Leopold presented the first waterproof spotting scope. And a few years later, the illuminated reticle technology was introduced, with which an exact position can be determined in low-light conditions.

Great performance

We are now enriching the market with a wide range of optical devices, such as VX-Freedom 1.5-4x28mm Scout Scope. This rifle scope offers exactly the right amount of eye protection in combination with the ideal magnification range. This generation of marksmen deserves rifle scope according to a new standard for quality and robustness. That is Leupold's conviction. With the VX-Freedom you get the best optics that produce a clear and accurate image. It's all you can expect from a Leopold. All rifle scopes are designed, milled and assembled in our Oregon plant, tested to the same robustness standards as our top-ten rifle scopes, and made for a long life full of high performance.


The VX-4.5HD riflescope from Leupold gives you the edge you need to win more races. It features clear image sharpness at 4.5x magnification and a Bull ring reticle. Like all other Leupold rifle scopes, the VX-4.5HD comes with a lifetime warranty. And when every gram counts, Leupold also offers ultra-light rifle scopes that give you exactly the weight and optical power you need. See better, shoot better and score better with a Leupold rifle scope.


Leupold has several series of rifle scopes including the VX-6HD, the VX3i, the VX-R and the VX-Freedom. Leupold also makes spotting scopes, binoculars and accessories. Each Leupold rifle scope is waterproof, fogproof and built for a lifetime of great performance. We guarantee that.