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Puma: knives for hunters

The best of tradition combined with advanced technology. That was the very first starting point of Puma, founded in 1769, and it is still our mission. We strive to make high quality knives for lovers of hunting, sports and outdoor activities. We are located in a city that has become a trademark for quality knives and shears itself, namely Solingen, and has always been part of the PUMA philosophy to make products worthy of the city's magical name. For more than 240 years, Puma has impressed with high-quality and user-friendly knives. We achieve this through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and the use of high-tech machines and knowledge.

Efficient and competitive

We use high-tech in a way that increases the quality of our products and satisfies our customers, but we have certainly not abandoned the traditional method that has been practiced in Solingen since the third century. Handicraft is an aspect of production that is controlled by our technical staff, but more and more we also use computer-controlled production processes. This makes us more efficient and more competitive in terms of price. In particular, the hunting and outdoor knives from Puma are still largely handmade.


The Puma brand existed before the French revolution. At that time we mainly made razors, pocket knives, scissors, hunting knives and swords. Important for the production of knives was, just like for industry in general, the invention of the steam engine. After the Second World War there was another important event for Puma. Oswald von Frankenberg und Ludwigsdorf (1915-1986) entered the company. He was an experienced hunter who initiated the new Puma policy: 'no more household knives, but quality hunting, fishing and outdoor knives'. In cooperation with German and foreign hunting experts, our knives have been developed for sustainable practical use. The most important tool for a hunter, apart from a good rifle and binoculars, is the hunting knife. The best known and most sought-after knife among German hunting folders is still the Universal-Jagd Taschenmesser (item number 210959). This model was designed and developed in collaboration with Top forest master Frevert, former head of the state hunting ground Rominten and chairman of the international Bloodhound Federation, with whom Puma designed several hunting knives.

Wide range

Hunting knives must sensitively combine quality and useful effects. This is guaranteed by Puma's quality management. At Puma, they are created through collaboration with world-famous designers. We also developed a guide for this production: Puma Guarantee Numbering System. This has been applied since 1965 to every knife that is manufactured. The result is a wide range of knives of exceptional quality. For example, the White Hunter of the International Series was developed in collaboration with an East African hunting organisation in 1956. This excellent universal knife has a 15 cm, thinly ground knife with a stable cutting edge. The back can be used for chopping. The knife is still a worldwide success and the design has been copied by almost all knife manufacturers.